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Measure, Design, and Install! It's that simple!

We know renovating your home can be a daunting task, but getting what you want shouldn’t be! You can select a countertop to place a vessel sink on or a countertop with fully integrated sinks! We have simplified the process to give you full control of your own one-of-a-kind concrete vanity top. You’re the designer!

Now, don’t let the thought of building your own custom vanity overwhelm you. Here are a few things you’ll need to do:

First, print out our Custom Measurement Guide(CMG) here: Single Vanity or Double Vanity

Take measurements of your existing vanity top or cabinetry.

Enter the information from your CMG into our step-by-step ordering process.

Schedule when you want to have your vanity top delivered to your door.

All of our sinks come with slot drains and all the hardware is embedded directly into the concrete. Our sinks do not have overflow drains or drain grids and don’t require special hardware. All your plumber needs to do is screw the plumbing into the underside of the sink and THAT’S IT!

For the best finished results, we do recommend that you have your countertop installed by a professional.

Get Started!
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Choose the number of sinks you would like. Selecting two sinks will limit the minimum width required to fabricate the vanity top and allow for adequate countertop space.
Select your sink design
Choose the opening dimensions of your sink. This selection will determine the overall usable counter space available of your vanity top.
Width x Depth
“Standard” sizes utilize several common vanity top dimensions while offering you the ability choose the countertop thickness. Generally these will fit many common-sized, off-the-shelf cabinet bases. ”Custom” sizes offer a wider range of custom dimensions to fit virtually any cabinet base and gives you the ability to account for a desired overhang.

Please note, custom dimensions are provided at an additional cost.
Width x Depth
As a standard, every vanity top will be fabricated with the sink centered on the countertop side to side and the back of the sink will be 3.0” from the back edge. If you require the sink to be offset to the left or right , indicate how far the center of the sink needs to be shifted. For larger depth vanity tops (Greater 22”) or for wall mounted faucets, you may wish to shift the sink front to back.
Left/Right Offset: Based on your cabinetry layout it may not be ideal to center your sink as it may interfere and prevent the function of cabinetry components such as drawers. With this step you can position your sink to the left or right of center to avoid interferences or you may choose to offset the sink for aesthetic reasons. Choose below how far left or right you would like the center of your sink to be. A smaller size will allow more range to locate the final sink position while larger sinks will reduce the range of offset.
Sink Separation: Based on your cabinetry layout, you may be limited to the locations of your sinks in order to prevent the function of certain cabinetry components such as drawers. With this step you can select the sink positions by selecting either the distance between each sink, while maintaining overall symmetry.
Backside Offset: Different faucet sizes and configurations can affect where you are able to place your sink from front to back. The backside offset allows you to accommodate for a wide range of faucets and handle sizes including wall mounted faucets . Make sure you position you sink to provide enough space to mount your faucets and turn the handles. If you have not purchased faucets yet, but know they will be mounted to the countertop surface, a minimum of 3" backside offset is recommended.

Offset (from center)
Sink Separation
Distance between sink centers: "
Left & Right Counter Space: "
Backside Offset
Select the number of knockouts required for your faucets. If you have not made the final decision on your faucets yet, we recommend selecting “None” and your installer can drill them at the time of installation. To ensure you have the proper tools, you can also choose to purchase a the proper drill bit for concrete to include with your order.

6.5 Knockout Spacing

Note that most standard 3 hole faucets have a 4” offset from the center hole. Check the manufacturer specifications for the correct spacing. If your faucets require a different spacing, please indicate below:
Knockout Spacing
We offer our standard colors and we have the ability to create custom colors.
Standard Colors    |    Specify Custom Color

Please Note: Specifying a custom color is an additional 20% (Minimum $100)

Enter your Benjamin Moore color code below:
Enter the name of the color to confirm:

Customer Information

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Date of Delivery

Select an estimated date for delivery. Each box represents a full week, starting on the date displayed.

Please Note: Selecting a delivery date within 6 months will require payment in full immediately. Deliveries schdeuled later than 6 months from today will require a deposit payment of 50%, with the remainder due 6 weeks prior to delivery.

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Our products are all hand crafted and 100% produced in the USA. We feel it is important to set reasonable expectations to all of our customers to ensure they receive their product with no surprises. . Like a chiseled sculpture at the hands of a renowned artist, there are certain indicators of craftsmanship within the lengthy process used to create each piece by hand.

Please confirm you understand the following prior to placing your order:

  • Hand crafted surfaces produce man-made characteristics which are not a “Perfect” surface.
  • We allow concrete to do what it does best, be concrete. One of the most sought after characteristics of concrete are its perfect imperfections. You will see slight color variations, uneven dispersion of sediments, and surface irregularities.
  • Though concrete is very durable, these sealed surfaces are not “100% Bullet Proof”. When treated with care, these surfaces will last for many years to come.

For more details, see our FAQs.

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