Thiel Studio Designs

of handcrafted, artisan concrete.   

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Thiel Studios is a decorative concrete design studio specializing in custom, hand crafted lightweight artisan concrete. We offer functionally innovative products that enhance outdoor and indoor environments. We blend the organic attributes of concrete with a keen contemporary design style to create distinct and durable pieces that add a beautiful and modern aesthetic for homes and businesses. Recognized for our creative concepts and artistic, handcrafted forms, we stretch the limits of decorative concrete design and prides itself on providing a uniquely personal piece of art.

Like iron in the skilled hands of a blacksmith, it’s not just the workable material itself, but the process of forming and understanding it that contributes to the overall strength and quality to complement its unique beauty.

We work directly with Designers, Architects, Contractors, and Homeowners to collaborate on deigns and ideas to create a truly custom and functional piece of art for their space.

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